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In a world where quality is expected, service is taken for granted and the prices are market driven, Torcad's edge is its people. Our people take a personal interest in serving the customer, using their skills and the best of equipment to meet your requirements. Together we offer the following services.

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E n v i r o n m e n t a l   P r o t e c t i o n

Torcad is committed to exceeding current industrial standards and has installed up to date environmental equipment for both air emissions and effluent control. Not only is Torcad a good corporate citizen but also is determined to remain able to serve your needs for the foreseeable future.

Statement of Intent and Objective of Plan


S h i p p i n g & D e l i v e r y

Torcad has three dock areas capable of handling seven trailers at a time. The shipping and receiving docks operate on a 24-hour basis five days a week, Monday to Friday. Torcad has a fleet of four tractors and eight triaxle trailers to service the customer in a 100km radius. Torcad expects to turn around routine work within 48 hours with specialized work taking up to five working days. In emergencies, work can be turned around in as little as 4 hours.


M a i n t e n a n c e

Torcad operates on a three shift, 24-hour basis five days a week, and has 24-hour maintenance coverage. We also have a planned maintenance program, which ensures that Torcad always operates at peak efficiency.


P l a n n i n g

Torcad is constantly seeking better ways to maximize service and minimize costs. Financial and human resources are continuously allocated to the improvement of processes, introduction of new technology, and the training of people.


T e c h n i c a l

Torcad has a well-equipped laboratory which controls the solutions using Statistical Process Control and automatic make up feeds. Strict monitoring of suppliers ensures that only the appropriate chemicals are used. The laboratory also provides technical service to the customers and controls the environmental equipment.


Q u a l i t y   A s s u r a n c e

The quality assurance department provides warrants to customers and support for the line operators and supervisors who are responsible for quality. The thickness referee is an X-ray Fluorescence Machine, which is used to calibrate the on line thickness meters. Two salt spray cabinets monitor the corrosion resistance of the product.


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