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We now have a whole range of phosphate coatings that fulfill the needs of corrosion resistance and may be used as a base for topcoats.

Zinc Phosphate: a Grey to dark Grey crystalline finish depending on the base steel. The deposit is in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 mg/sq. ft. The surface contains capillaries and micro-cavities which absorb oils to give corrosion protection in the order of 72 to 120 hours to red rust depending on the oil used.

In the dry state the finish provides an excellent base for paints and other topcoats of excellent adhesion to give extended corrosion protection and a variety of colors.

The zinc phosphate retains a non-alkaline condition so preventing alkali degradation of the paint film, and prevents reaction between the oils in the paint film and the metal surface. The initiation and spread of corrosion is retarded.

Specifications Include:

  GM 6174   Ford S-2
  GM 6035   ESB-M3P4-A
  GM 4435   ESB-M3P5-A
  PS 80   ESF-M3P7-A

Manganese Phosphate: a thick, large crystalline finish dark Grey deposit in the range 1,000 to 3,000 mg/sq. ft which is generally oiled to give some corrosion protection.

The finish is mainly used for engineering components that require break-in or wear-in in components such as gears, steering parts, axle pinions, Conrad bolts and rocker arms.

Torcad's capacity is 9,000 tons per annum to the
 following automotive specifications include:

  GM 4277-M  Chrysler PS-3788
  Ford ESF-M3P11-A  WSD-M3P33-A2
  ESA-M3P31-A  WSD-M3P35-A4

Calcium Modified Zinc Phosphate: a fine light Grey crystalline deposit that is used as an undercoat for topcoats and rubber bonding. The range of deposit is 100 - 450 mg/sq. ft. For rubber bonding the finish is supplied without an oil topcoat. The specifications are customer driven.

Various oils, lubricants and topcoats are supplied over phosphate bases including waxes, Dorrlseal 400, BPL-211, Novalube 305, Texo 330, Torque Tension Coatings, and fluorocarbons.

Torcad can also supply colored topcoats in green, red, black and blue.

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