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ZINC is the main sacrificial metal used in the corrosion protection of steel. At Torcad, the zinc is applied to the base metal using electrolytic chemistry, and large non-conductive barrels, providing an economic, lustrous, controlled deposit giving excellent corrosion resistance.

TORCAD has four fully automatic barrel plating machines to service your needs. The basic process is the same in every case. Alkali cleaners to remove oils and soils, hydrochloric acid pickles to remove oxides, chloride based acid zinc plating stations, and a variety of post plating treatments.

The plating thickness varies from the commercial thickness of about .0001" (2.5 um) which primarily give aesthetic appeal and storage life, to "heavy" deposits in the order of .0008" (20 um) which give extended corrosion protection. As in all bulk handling processes the thickness will vary from item to item and on various points of the same item and each product will have its own characteristics. In general the nearer to a ball bearing the product is the more even the distribution of plate.

Further post plating treatment of the zinc can result in changes to the surface, which can enhance lubricity, extend corrosion resistance, give identifying colors, and modify physical characteristics.

Torcad offers blue, green, and red colors for identification, waxes for lubrication, and lacquers for added resistance.

When choosing the specification best suited for your needs please bear in mind that you may be limited by the geometry of the part, cost, color, and function.

Many hardened steels will be hydrogen embrittled by the process. It is every customer's responsibility to clearly state if baking for de-embrittlement is required and that Torcad's baking procedure meets your requirements. Torcad on request will bake for 5 hours in a continuous oven held at 207 C (405 F) within one hour of plating, in open perforated baskets. Torcad will change this procedure on receipt of written instructions.

Click here for Zinc Corrosion Protection Guide
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